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XINOE [eXperienced International Network Of Engineers] Systems Private Limited

headquartered at Delhi-NCR, is jointly operated by Binary Semantics Limited, an Information Technology R&D Company and Inxee Systems Private limited, an Embedded / VLSI Technology R&D Company. Xinoe, a pioneer company in training and resource creation,brings together the very best of pedagogy and industrial exposure for students,professionals and corporates, in a customized environment, thus creating learning experiences that are faster, flexible, focused and integrated with practical sessions.

Like any groundbreaking new technology, the Internet of Things has the potential to drastically improve our personal lives, our work places and, our industrial and manufacturing efficiencies and capabilities. The main domains where we’ll see the Internet of Things begin to take hold will be buildings (automation), the energy sector, consumer good & services, healthcare, industrial & manufacturing, transportation, retail, security and of course any IT dependent network. This where XINOE comes into picture..to help you understand the concepts of IoT in a customized environment and enhance your efficiency at workplace, with practical implementation using state-of-the-art training facility. Xinoe’s unique approach towards igniting vigour in students regarding the domains of IOT-Based courses in Embedded / VLSI / CS/ IT and creating awareness about the newfangled concepts and ideas in these areas is one-of-a-kind. The training sessions are basically presented in lecture-style, with live presentations and demonstrations by few of the most well-versed industry-exposed trainers.

We would be pleased to be your ramp to the technological upheaval called the “Internet of Things” with our expert training solutions. Happy Training With Us!

Who we help :



    By participating in our training program, students and freshers learn to use the state-of-the-art tools and techniques and experience real world R&D projects in VLSI – ASIC/FPGA, Embedded, CS/IT technologies. This helps them create opportunities for themselves and build an exciting career. We provide placement opportunities and assistance to our candidates with our diverse and global client list. Participants can extend their R&D experience at the centre up to a maximum period of two years, if required. Upon successful completion of the program, participants receive a certificate and experience letter.


    Our training programs help corporate resources to learn the art of creative thinking and experience cutting edge tools and techniques used by successful innovators in VLSI/CS/IT/Embedded domains and help them learn to create solutions to problems faced by organizations.


    We welcome employers from any part of the world, looking for VLSI, Embedded, CS/IT hardware or software resources, for short term resource evaluation, campus recruitment, and hiring our resources on contract or permanent basis. Employers can submit their resource requirement schedule for up to a period of 2 years in specific domains, to allow us to schedule our programs in line with their resource requirements.

About Parent Companies :



    is a client-centric global software development company offering IT services, Consultancy services and Knowledge services across several industry segments such as Automobiles, Manufacturing, FMCG, Technology, Insurance, Travel, Hospitality and B2B Publishing. Its global operations have already spread across USA, Canada, Europe and India have won over 150 satisfied customers.Robust Processes and Methodologies developed have been successfully tried and tested for over two decades with its clients. All operations undertaken have been certified as ISO 9001:2008 by American Quality Assessor(AQA).


    is an international embedded systems and semiconductors company based out of New Delhi-NCR; delivering premier development, manufacturing and support services across diverse embedded domains such as : Wireless & Wired Devices, Medical Electronics, Industrial Automation, and Defense Electronics & Consumer Electronics. Inxee serves as a defense vendor and has built its reputation in the fields of Semiconductor, PCB, Software & System solutions. Inxee provides services complete with design, development, manufacturing, installation and maintenance, spanning across entire systems to individual hardware and software components.