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    Xinoe’s unique approach towards igniting vigour in students regarding the domains of Embedded/ VLSI/ CS/ IT and creating awareness through classroom training programs about the newfangled concepts and ideas in these areas is one-of-a-kind. Xinoe regularly conducts ‘Techways’ at its R&D centre. These are seminars designed to keep engineers and prospective engineers, abreast of the latest advancements and trends in Embedded/ VLSI/ CS/ IT technologies. The sessions are basically presented in lecture-style, with live presentations and demonstrations to support what we teach. The enthusiasm and zeal it leads to, among students, whenever we organise this event is for all to see. It also gives us a platform to showcase all the hardware, software and product technologies we have developed and progressed in so far. As technology advances, so does our implementation capability.


    Xinoe’s emphasis on active, hands-on learning has come to a full circle with the company sponsoring a free Capstone Project for students persuing graduation or post graduation in engineering or technical courses.This comes with an added advantage of presenting an opportunity to the students to meet and be mentored by industry experts, in person. Xinoe Tech Project – provides a chance to ‘technovate’ with Xinoe. This signature approach of combining theoretical grasp of any subject with the much sought-after practical implementation and problem solving aims to create a platform to bring together brilliant young minds and expertise of the skilled technical team to catalyse the innovation process. Through this sponsorship programme, the company is sure to make students think about the problems and challenges the industries are plagued with and possible ways-out. Xinoe always prompts its students to be the developers of future technologies and not just any vendor and encourages out-of-the box thinking.

    How To Proceed :

    The interested students are invited to participate by submitting their original project ideas in the way mentioned below –

    • Format of entry : powerpoint presentation / brief documentation / video – explaining the basic ideas of the project (mail to us at info@xinoe.com)
    • Streams of entry : VLSI / Embedded/ CS / IT
    • Requisite Members : The entries can be made individually or in a group comprising four members at max
    • The project with the most promising concept among all the entries, as adjudged by an expert panel, will be given a chance to work at Xinoe under the guidance of industry experts and shape their project into reality. Two other runners-up to the contest will also be imparted technical assistance while they work on their project.

      The sponsorship program in a nutshell is a prospective way to collaborate with blooming innovators to effectively design keeping futuristic approach and developing solutions to the challenges troubling the industry.


    A final year project better known as a Project Dissertation in technical terms is an opportunity to showcase your originality and imaginative independence. Ultimately students are expected to compile together issues of theory, analysis, design and test and bringing them to bear on your chosen topic. Those who succeed in undertaking a dissertation that integrates conceptually and methodologically most ingenious pieces of work are guaranteed to get placed with us our steadfast clients like DRDO, LG, etc.

    Our Project Dissertation Program enables you to:
    1.Identify your own domain of interest.
    2.Explore that domain in depth by making you define your own questions.
    3.Be methodical and organized while conducting research.
    4.Experience the entire knowledge building process.
    5.Learn to manage a project starting from its inception till its completion.
    6.Consolidate all skills that you possess whether technical, interpersonal or leadership skills.