Mission & Vision


Our vision enables us to see a clear picture of where we want to see our company positioned tomorrow so that it makes a difference to all those passionate about technology and this drives every aspect of our working. We are hopeful to be regarded as the most renowned training industry leader in the domains of VLSI / Embedded / CS / IT , simultaneously acting as an illustrious resource generator globally by placing our participants with our diverse and global client list including the Fortune-500 and create scientific and entrepreneurial opportunities for all our participants.


The world is evolving at a rapid pace. And so are we. In order to thrive in the industry we aim to to administer our commitments with our clients in a meticulous and ethical manner and create wealth for Xinoe- the company, the team and the investors and be a top contributor to the Indian economic and educational advancement.

We aspire to CREATE :

  • Professionals who demonstrate trust,integrity and team spirit.
  • Professionals with zeal, passion and courage to think and act differently.
  • Professionals who believe in forging relationships by building bridges rather than walls.


What Sets Us Apart :
  • Our Plan-Of-Action : 
    The practices we adopt to reach our trainees are imaginative, strategic, adaptable and most importantly well aligned with the requisites of our participants placed globally.
  • Our Diligence :
    We’re a dedicated Embedded/VLSI/CS/IT technology and training services company. Our experts keep their focus centred on the industry’s unique issues and deliver real-time and innovative solutions.
  • Our Team : 
    The people comprising our team are specialists in their own right. We have become synonymous with information on frontline technologies due to our vast knowledge and extensive training services experience.Every attribute of ours is a sheer indicator of diligence and steadfastness at work.