How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Embedded System Training

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Though you don’t acknowledge the inevitable entrance of electronics in your daily routine, you would find your life perfectly entwined around silicon mavericks. Right from high-end mobile phones to washing machines, from smart air-conditioners to smart watches, or for that matter, just any other device having some basic level of built-in intelligence, embedded electronics is as omnipresent as can be.
The most genuine question that pops in one’s head initially is,“What exactly is an embedded system?” Any embedded system can be thought of as an assembly that is designed such that it serves a dedicated purpose specific to a certain set of pre-defined requirements. This makes each one of the embedded systems unique in its own right. Learning to work with the embedded systems is a complex task, as it requires in-depth grasp in software fundamentals along with intuitive yet logical and practical approach while working with the hardware. Key factors driving an embedded system design includes long-life cycle, real-time application, reliability and security.

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Reflecting upon the constraints faced by the embedded industry in India, one often wonders what led to such a wide divide between industry requirements and formal technical education. Finding the answer however, won’t be as simple as the query itself. The conventional, monotonous, run-of-the-mill and theoretical style of teaching leads to sharp decline in developing an eager interest in the embedded domain. This further makes the students or professionals unaware of the latest embedded systems job market demands and skills and results in lesser job satisfaction. Lack of awareness and entry-level barrier often makes them doubt their decision of choosing the area of embedded systems. This is in stark contrast to the fact that there actually exists tremendous demand for skilled embedded electronics engineers with experience in implementing and designing embedded systems. An accomplished embedded systems engineer requires specific knowledge in a spectrum of streams, complete with problem-solving skills to apply this knowledge as a team player in building secure, safe and reliable systems.

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Amid this academia-industry divide, the best possible way for any undergrad pursuing a course in the electronics and embedded domain or a rookie, to stay involved with his core stream is to join a professional embedded system training program. The main advantage of such training is that, they are much more focused and career oriented than the mainstream traditional college learning. They make you see the vast number of lucrative job opportunities that lay ahead in this field. Better embedded system trainings adopt learn-by-experiencing kind of approach to bring out your best skills to the fore. Inculcating the habit of adopting a practical outlook for applying textbook concepts to real-time embedded systems, is one of the major concerns of such training companies.

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Not only do they make the learning process more fun-filled but they actually help optimize the efforts in the right direction, often moulding students into experts ready to work on projects in industry. This talent pool creation by embedded training institutes are of great help to the industry because they get resources who are trained, ready-to-adapt according to the industry needs. Professional training is often a good, dedicated and quick alternative to enhance your work skills, even if you’re already employed. Corporate training in embedded system is a much sought after option by professionals these days. A company that looks after its employees’ need to grow as a professional, readily spends a sizeable amount to train them under skilled experts, as they understand that it’s actually beneficial for their company’s growth in the end. Moreover, the government is encouraging manufacturing in India, it’s  time we gear-up to train ourselves and our resources to leverage on our skills and grow in the embedded market and help Indian industry to have significant improvement in
embedded systems space. The time is not far wherein Indian technology firms and engineering designers will drive actual product innovation besides product ownership.

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