Director Profile

Mr. Srinath Nudurupati :

is a Bachelor of Engineering in the domain of Electronics and Communication Engineering. He holds an M.S. degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering from the Clemson University, U.S.A. His career started in 1996 at Freescale Semiconductor as a Research and Development Engineer. In his professional career spanning about 20 years, he has already held key positions in Freescale Semiconductor and Embedded Technology Consultants. He Co-founded Inemsys Technologies, an embedded systems firm, in 2009 and went on to become the Founder and Director of Inxee Systems pvt ltd, in 2010. At present, he is the Co-founder and Director of Xinoe Systems pvt ltd and Director of Inxee Systems pvt ltd.

Mr. Nudurupati also holds a number of patents spanning from microprocessors to various system technologies and has got published a number of technical papers in diverse embedded technologies.His proficiency in the fields of Embedded Systems (Hardware+Software) in Wireless & Wired Communication, Storage, Industrial Automation, Medical & Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, Automotive & Defense applications etc has already made him an acclaimed name in the industry.Twenty years of cutting-edge technology business experience in high performance computing and embedded systems has already led him to develop astute acumen in these domains. The dynamic leader that he is, Mr. Nudurupati always brings out the best from his team.


Mr. Akhil Choudhary :

is a Bachelor of Engineering in the domain of Electronics and Communication Engineering. An alumnus of Delhi College of Engineering, he started his career way back in 1984 at Uptron India Limited. Having worked there diligently for around two years as a systems executive, his sharp business acumen and entrepreneurship skills paved way for the foundation of Binary Semantics Limited, which later went on to become a major IT giant in India and a trusted brand overseas. He remained Binary Semantics’s director for 9 years spanning from 1986 to 1995, and later donned on the cap of CEO in 1995. Currently, he is the CEO of Binary Semantics Limited as well as the Co-founder and Director of Xinoe Systems pvt ltd.

A well known name in the IT-ITES sector, Mr. Choudhary mirrors the values of the organizations he heads. A visionary that he is, Mr. Choudhary believes in prudent work ethics and excels in organizational development and software development processes. His commitment and result-oriented style of work has won over many admirers from all walks of the industry. His professional experience of over three decades and down-to-earth demeanour, encourages the entire team to perform at par in whichever domain they work in.