Corporate Collaborations

How We Help The Corporate World Through Our Training Programs !

We take pride in the relationships that we have established through collaborations and by entering into partnership with our clients in order to create result-oriented services. Utmost care is taken to deliver these services on time for complete customer satisfaction. Xinoe is proud to partner the likes of Binary Semantics Limited, Inxee Systems in many of their major endeavours, along with being a trusted service provider for industry stalwarts like DRDO, LG, HCL, Samsung, MTS etc and educational institutes like Vanasthali Vidyapeeth, ITM University, BPIT etc. We believe in nurturing all our collaborations starting from the grass-root level and providing the best training facilities.

Xinoe provides training services directly to many prominent institutes in the Delhi-NCR region. The challenge of meeting the needs of such an ever-expanding group of professionals and emerging professionals, keeps Xinoe at the cutting-edge of research and development. Xinoe is often recommended by big organisations like DRDO, LG, etc to help train employees excel in their at-work performance. Xinoe works actively with its clients and industry experts to create a unique learning experience for students keeping in view the ulterior goal of fostering creativity and innovation.

We are firm believers that continuing education and professional certifications help you secure great heights in all aspects of your career. In order to provide the highest quality service and support to our customers we work hard to exceed expectations and be a worthy partner. In line with our vision to provide both government and private companies spearhead training services in Embedded/VLSI/CS/IT, we are glad to be able to set exemplary references. Xinoe is committed to keep up with the latest industry standards and trends to expand its capability and bring-in necessary expertise. And but of course, deliver quality solutions for any given requirement. Essentially for us, the joy of a work well done is perhaps the best one under the sun.