Centre Of Excellence

So What Does A CoE Actually Mean for Training Industry ?

A competency center or a capability center, better known as a CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE, refers to an entity or a shared facility that provides research, support, orientation, leadership and training for a broad area of study. The COE concept is a top notch approach wherein Xinoe will act as a resident company to the collaborating colleges providing training to the students as well as absorbing potentially good performers in the company itself. The focus area for Xinoe is and shall remain, bridging the gap between academia and industry requisites.

The center of excellence concept is often associated with new software and hardware tools and technologies or associated business concepts and in the process setting up the perfect stage to bring together experts from diverse disciplines to share their thoughts, ideas and experiences. This approach is beneficial for students in the long run as it will help them decide their domain of interest quite early in their professional life. This commitment follows exploratory high level discussions by both the institution and our team followed by an academic review every once in a while. Through our centre of excellence we intend to work in tandem with leading educational institutes offering higher studies in technical courses. This spearhead concept of Xinoe is starting to bring about that much needed revolutionary change in the way knowledge is imparted to students persuing their degree courses. Our partnership will promote academic dynamism and collaboration in the key undergraduate and postgraduate programs. This will also contribute significantly to engage high calibre students in research and development. Our thoughtful partnership around advanced technologies and processes that are potentially capable to bring about a drastic difference in the traditional education models, would definitely help navigate positive changes in the generation next outlook.