All About Internet Of Things This Summer !

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Xinoe’s unique approach towards igniting vigour in students regarding the domains of Embedded/ VLSI/ CS/ IT and creating awareness about the newfangled concepts and ideas in these areas is one-of-a-kind. The training held at Xinoe’s R&D center are designed to keep engineers and prospective engineers, abreast of the latest advancements and trends in breakthrough technologies such as the Internet of Things, the smart wearable technologies, etc. The sessions are basically presented in lecture-style , with live presentations, demonstrations and lab sessions to support what we teach. It also gives us a platform to showcase all the hardware, software and product technologies we have developed and progressed in so far. As technology advances, so does our implementation capability. We understand precisely that businesses these days, have diverse needs. Hence, we would be pleased to be your ramp to the technological upheaval called the “Internet of Things” with expert trainers who can imbibe these concepts in you, making your career graph take a positive curve. So don’t wait for the opportunity to knock on your door. Rather grab on the chance to get trained at Xinoe by the best professional trainers in industry.



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Harsha Thakur
Technical Content Writer

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